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Dear Parents,

Before we take photographs of your child while at scout we will ask for your consent. You will need to fill in a consent form, which you will receive from the individual section Leader, and return the form to let us know your wishes.

We believe that photographs taken of scouting activities, both for family use and those that appear in the press, are a source of pleasure and pride which can enhance self esteem for children and young people, and so are to be welcomed. It is true however, that we live in an age in which digital technology has vastly increased the use and potential misuse of photography, and there has been publicity surrounding concern about the risk of a child being identified by a photograph e.g. in the local press, and as a result being targeted for abuse.

Providing reasonable steps are in place in terms of security around scouting events, planning to ensure all photographs are appropriate, and to protect the full name and contact details of children, we feel the practice of photography for scout events by families and the media should continue. In any case, the widespread use of mobile telephones as digital cameras would make banning virtually impossible to impose and police.

We propose to use only the first name of children (if any identification is required to clarify the context of a photograph), however we are mindful of the fact that for some families, there may be reasons why a child’s identification is a matter of particular anxiety, and if you have special circumstances either now, or at any time in the future which would affect or change your consent on this issue, you need to let your child’s scout leader know.