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Parents tell us that Scouting gives their children more confidence, responsibility, a broader set of friends, a chance to pursue things they might not get to do otherwise, adventure and an extended family.

‘Children learn social skills as well as practical ones. They have to remember things to bring the following week so they have to take a bit of responsibility for their own stuff!’

‘When I see Ella at Cubs, doing things for herself and her friends, I’m so impressed. It helps you step back and let them get on with it. ’

‘Scouting helps parents prepare their kids for life’

Parental involvement is a strong and essential part of Scouting. All groups have an Executive Committee made up of parents and supporters which, along with other parents, look after the administration and fund raising aspects of the group. If you feel you are able to help our Group in any way at all please contact us by using our Contact us page.

We’re always looking for people to assist the group. If you have any special interest, talent, trade, profession or just keen on DIY please come forward and let us know. You may be able to help us and keep our costs down.