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Uniform and Badges

Badges and Neck Scarves: Theseare provided by the Group when a member joins, but we have to charge for replacements. Blanket badges and non-scout badges are not permitted on the uniform of any member of the Scout Movement. Badges should be sewn on neatly and securely to minimise the chance of them snagging on anything and ripping a shirt or pulling a thread on a jersey. Before sewing on any badges, please ensure that they are in the exact position:


Buying a Uniform: These can be bought from our District Scout Shop in Harrogate . Items of uniform should always bear a label approving the garment to Scout Association standards. We suggest that sweatshirts, jumpers and caps are bought a little larger than required at the time of purchase.

The District Scout Shop is open on Thursdays  from 18:30 – 20:00

For orders and enquiries, please use our Contact us page.